Monorail and Tunnel in Fiordland

Two controversial issues are pushed by the current New Zealand government. If the government would obey New Zealand law these projects would be stopped in their tracks, however heavy lobbying by interested businesses are threatening the unique New Zealand nature and people’s experience. 

Many reasons why the monorail and tunnel should not go ahead are described on 

I would like to highlight some practical reasons I believe the tunnel and monorail plans should go no further

In general - a one day return trip by any land transport completely damages the travellers experience and should not be offered to tourists at all. It is so long (580km return from Queenstown) and tiring! Fiordland and its fjords should be visited for at least two days - staying overnight in Fiordland - Te Anau, Manapouri, Knobs Flat, Milford Sound, etc.

Monorail - Riverstone Holdings Ltd

It would not be a better scenic experience than the current road! The scenic drive from Queenstown to Kingston is very special and all the way down to Te Anau it offers a variety of different vistas - it is an ideal route. Also travel by one coach is far more convenient than the several means of transport used by the “monorail project” - I would not like that hassle.

The Mt Nicholas road that would be used by the Monorail project is not more scenic than the current road via Mossburn. On the contrary the buses would ruin the experience on the Mt Nicholas/Von Road - for all cyclists!
The buses will be on a gravel road which means they will raise huge clouds of dust. Also the peacefulness of the valley will disappear.

The intended route of the monorail itself goes via Snowden Forest and it would not be any better experience. At high speeds tourists would see only a blurred view of forest, the scenic views would be nothing special. It would irreversibly ruin the pristine nature of Snowden Forest. So why cut through it when it will not bring any significant benefit, it would only ruin the experience of other backcountry users - cyclists, trampers, fishermen, etc.
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The truth about the monorail - please read it!

Tunnel - Milford Dart Ltd - the tunnel was rejected!

All the bus traffic would desolate the Glenorchy and Routeburn Valley experience. Also the road to Glenorchy would become far more dangerous due to unbearable traffic levels.
The same would occur on the other side of the tunnel in the Hollyford Valley - peace will disappear and it is highly likely traffic would be heard from the Routeburn Track.
Personally I would be afraid to travel via a seismic zone of the alpine fault in such a long tunnel, especially when it does not meet any modern criteria for a safe tunnel.

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