Sustainable life

ere you will find information and links about the sustainble way of life - how we can minimalize our impact to the environmet we live in.

Te Anau is ideal for using bicycles as a mean of transport. Nowadays majority of Te Anau population use their cars to drive even mere 200 metres which is ridiculous... Be inspired: urbanbicycles 
Te Anau Cycling Inc. - join the group to improve cycling in Te Anau Basin!
Cycling Advocates Network - vision: Cycling is an everyday activity in New Zealand.
Fiordland Trail Trust aims to establish a regional Trail Network
Living Streets Aotearoa ...we can also walk (not only drive a car...) - join nationwide group to support walking
Do you live in Te Anau? Please leave your car in your garage and walk or ride a bike!

Southland environment (together with the whole New Zealand) becomes more and more polluted.
Here are some articles:
No swimming: 52% impure New Zealand rivers - NZ Herald
Southern whitebait in jeopardy - Dairying blamed as four species on threatened list - Southland Times
Alarming nitrate levels foul bores - Southland Times Petition to stop new dairy farms - Southland Times
Water quality undermined by government inaction -

Sustainability - This government site is designed to help you reduce your impact on the environment and save money, without compromising your lifestyle.

Ministry for the Environment - Environmental issues and Sustainability 

Hikurangi Foundation - "Our Mission is to catalyse positive and effective action on sustainability and climate change in New Zealand."

Transition Towns - international grassroots movement that brings people together to explore how we – as communities - can respond to the environmental, economic and social challenges

Sustainable Tourism in Southland - industry information

New ideas for your home and comunity from all over the world

Creative Communities 

Household Fuel Cell Cogeneration System - new, great way to provide power and heat for your home developed by Panasonic

Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited - power your home using products of an innovative company from Australia

This video is not from Fiordland, however it is very inspiring - Professor Sir Alan Mark talking about South Westland.