Volunteer Programme

Many species of New Zealand fauna and flora are endemic as they evolved separately from the rest of the world. There is an enormous effort by the Department of Conservation (DOC) to save our endemic and native species, but it is not enough. We can't be fully dependent on DOC and its people as they have only limited budget and human resources. Therefore we need to find volunteers within our community. We can't restore the whole remaining nature but we can look after selected areas to ensure endangered species can survive so that we can enjoy (hopefully) prolific bird life and flora as it used to be before Europeans came. We as people caused their decline - we as people can also initiate their revival.

NZ radio talk "Kill a stoat and save New Zealand?"  Kim Hill and a panel of experts consider Sir Paul Callaghan's final challenge- to make New Zealand pest free. How realistic is this vision?

Eglinton River Habitat - clearing and protecting nesting sites on shingle riverbed / islands of the Eglinton Rirer.